About Me

I am originally from the UK and moved to the Netherlands in 2000.

My path to counselling has not been a direct one. Previously I have worked in several fields including theatre, writing and teaching. My theatre work brought with it explorations of my own inner relationship and a desire to learn more about the human condition. I have also worked for several years as a Learning Support assistant in international schools. As well as academic support I worked with children on social and emotional issues, including implementing a social skills drama programme.

As a result of my life and work experience and listening intuitively to my inner strengths, I decided to focus on the therapeutic aspects of my work and to re-train as a counsellor. I am happy to have found a profession that is based on kindness and respect for fellow people. Counselling allows me to be myself and to support others in developing a healthy relationship with themselves.

I am a certified counsellor, trained at the Academy for Counselling and Coaching in Den Haag.

I am also a parent. I have two young children and in 2010 I settled with my family in Haarlem. Life with young children can be chaotic and demanding. It is common to lose perspective as to who you are, where you fit. For expat parents, such as myself this can be even more challenging when you lose the support networks at home. I have experience and understanding for the challenges of parenting, birth and post-partum difficulties, isolation/loneliness, family life, relationships, and expatriation.

I am a native English speaker. Usually I counsel in English, but I also speak Dutch.

“Ellen’s personal approach has made me feel like I’m never alone. I feel that she really wants to help.” –¬†Jenni, 19 years old